15 Tips for a Great River Tubing Trip

15 Tips for a Great River Tubing Trip

15 Tips for a Great River Tubing TripRiver tubing is such a fun summer adventure. So many states have awesome places to take a tubing trip; from a lazy float on a quiet river to a more rapid, white-water experience that keeps you on your toes the whole time. River Tubing in the USA is a great website to find those perfect tubing locations. Wherever you choose, you are bound to have a fun-filled day of memories to last a lifetime. Here are 15 Tips for a Great River Tubing Trip:

  1. If you are going to an organized tubing site, carpool with your friends and plan to arrive early.

  1. Many tubing sites let you rent a basic tube. If you plan to rent, bring cash and your photo ID. lazy dayz Lots of places don’t accept any other form of payment. For a more pleasurable float, get your own river tube complete with a headrest, cup holder and on-board gear stowing area. Going tubing with someone special? Get a double tube so you know you’ll never get separated! Lots of double tubes come with an on-board cooler.

  1. If you are bringing your own tube, it would be brilliant to purchase a 12-volt DC adaptable air pump to fill (and deflate!) your tube at the tubing site rather than hauling them all inflated or worse yet, trying to inflate them with your own lung power.

  1. If provided at the tubing site, leave all valuables in a locker or at the check-in if that service is offered. Do not take any valuables with you – the river will swallow them right up!! waterproof container That means, in addition to the obvious car keys and cell phones, think of the not so obvious: precious jewelry, prescription eyeglasses and iPods.  If you absolutely must take these things with you, secure them in a ziploc bag that is then secured in a sealed plastic container and stowed in a cooler. Or, purchase waterproof containers specifically designed to protect those precious valuables.

  1. Absolutely apply and re-apply sunblock as often as possible!! You will be in the sun for a long period of time and nothing ruins a day faster than a killer sunburn.  Lip balm is a great thing to bring along as well. Chapped lips are no fun, either.

6.Take along a hat and sunglasses. Be sure not to take your favorite Raybans or expensive floppy hat. It’s so easy to lose any of these items so save your designer water wear for the resort pool and wear your older stuff that you would be okay with losing.

  1. Wear water shoes or old sneakers. The river bottom is unforgiving and can be downright dangerous to your feet. Flip flops are too easy to fall off and lose completely and barefooting it back to your vehicle at the end of the day is not fun.

  1. Take along a dry change of clothes and leave it in your car. You will be very wet and riding home in your soggy, river-smelling clothes will not be fun. Bring along a plastic bag to stow your wet stuff in for the journey home.

  1. Do take along a cooler secured into it’s own tube or better yet, purchase afloating cooler floating cooler so you can enjoy beverages and snacks throughout your whole trip.  Secure your cooler to your tube so it doesn’t take it’s own personal jaunt down the river. Don’t forget to take a bag for your trash, too.  It’s not cool to litter and in some states you may even receive a fine for doing so.

  1. If your tube doesn’t have a built-in cup holder, you may want to bring along some drink koozies or floating beverage holders.

  1. Bring snacks!  You are bound to get hungry during your river trip so be sure to bring along some stuff to eat. Think carefully about what you pack. It’s easy for things to get wet, waterlogged and soggy. Gogurts, fruit, and string cheese are all great options. I’m sure you can think of many others.

  1. Do not bring any glass containers or styrofoam coolers. Glass is just plain dangerous and styrofoam can tend to crumble and make a littering mess. Opt for plastic.

15 Tips for a Great River Tubing Trip13. Kids that are going tubing should probably wear a life vest. Even the most confident swimmer can get into trouble when you hit a patch of fast moving water so make kids feel extra secure with a life vest. If you are venturing out onto rapidly moving water, a helmet would be a good idea as well.

  1. Drink lots of water!! It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re out in the sun, even if you are just floating along, so be sure to drink one water for every other kind of beverage you ingest.

  1. If alcohol is allowed, please drink responsibly. Lots of tubing accidents are directly related to overindulging in alcohol. Be smart and be safe!