2012 Best Pool Toy and Accessory Award Winners

The ToySplash Water Fun Experts’ 2012 Best Pool Toy and Accessory Award Winners:

Pool Toy Award Winners

Best Pool Game: Port-O-Pong Pool Beer Pong Table, a floating beer pong table designed especially for grown up parties.  The ToySplash Water Fun Experts loved that in a world full of cartoons and kids’ toys, someone finally made a pool party game just for adults!

Best Pool Lounge: Kickback Double Adjustable Lounger, a deluxe water lounge built for two.  The ToySplash Water Fun Experts agreed that this lounge excels in both comfort and uniqueness, allowing two people to recline on a float that automatically adjusts when they get up.

Best Pool Raft: Cooler Couch, a high and firm raft with onboard drink and snack storage.  “With a space for a cooler and drinks on the raft itself,” one ToySplash Water Fun Expert commented, “this raft is perfect for a day on the lake or for the parents supervising kids in the backyard pool. It is just so versatile and practical!”

Best Kids’ Inflatable: Giant Inflatable Swan, an enormous swan that holds riders high above the water.  With such a huge market for kids water toys, this is always a tough category, but the ToySplash Water Fun Experts loved the detailing and durability of this giant swan, as well as its ability to hold multiple children or adults.

Best Pool Toy: Geyser 9-Inch Pool Football, a football that sprays water. The Geyser Guys have long been a favorite with the ToySplash Water Fun Experts because they design products like this pool football, pool toys that are more than just land toys that have been waterproofed. The Geyser 9-Inch Pool Football is truly a water toy!

Best Water Gun: Combo Blaster Pool Gun, a water gun that shoots water as well as plastic balls.  “Not all water guns are created equal,” the ToySplash Water Fun Experts are quick to point out, “and this one is at the top of our list because it’s just made for swimming pool mischief!”

Best Baby Float: Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy, a baby float with everything to keep baby happy and comfortable in the pool. With bright colors and activities to keep little hands busy and a canopy to protect delicate skin from the sun, this float has it all!

Best Hot Tub and Spa Accessory: Spa and Hot Tub Booster Seat, designed to give shorter spa-goers a boost. ****The ToySplash Water Fun Experts chose this seat because “it really meets one of the core values of ToySplash: delivering water fun to everyone.” With this seat, kids or smaller adults can comfortably enjoy a hot tub or spa.

Best New Pool Maintenance Product: **Leaf Canister Replacement Net and O-Ring. **A clean pool is what makes at-home water fun possible, so it gets its own category. The ToySplash Water Fun Experts picked it because it reduces wear and tear on your pool filter by trapping leaves and debris before they can clog baskets and filters.

Best New Beach Accessory: Magnetic Beverage Stake, a product designed to keep your drink cool and clean at the beach. You only have to get sand in your drink once to understand why the ToySplash Water Fun Experts picked the magnetic beverage stake. This stake solves the problem by holding your drink above the sand with magnets and insulating it from the heat.

Best Snow Tube: Tubester Inflatable Snow Tube, a 39-inch snow tube.****This tube represents the best in frozen water fun, featuring sturdy grab handles and a unique yellow, black, and white checkered design for maximum visibility and style.

Best Safety Product: Aqua Alert Water Activated Wrist Band, a personal alarm that sounds when it gets wet.  The ToySplash Water Fun Experts explained that this product is a great backup safety system for parties.  “Although adults should always watch kids, even the most well-intentioned parents can fall victim to miscommunications or emergencies and this will alert them if a non-swimmer slips into the pool unattended.”****

Best River Tube: Sumo 54-inch Fabric Covered River Tube, a giant tube with onboard cup holder and ice cooler designed for the great outdoors. ****The ToySplash Water Fun Experts love that this river tube is huge, rugged, and comfortable and allows you to keep everything you’ll need on board for your river adventure.