2013 Best Pool Toy and Accessory Award Winners

2013 Best Pool Toy and Accessory Award Winners

2013 Best Pool Toy and Acessory Award Winners

2013 Best Pool Toy and Acessory Award Winners

The ToySplash Water Fun Experts’ 2013 Best Pool Toy and Accessory Award Winners:

** Best Pool Game**: The Alien Eyeball Toss provides an exciting target game for kids and adults alike. The green inflatable alien head has multiple eyeball receptacles. Just toss the included squishy eyeballs at the targets and start scoring. This toy provides good hand/eye coordination and math skills come into play when tallying the scores of each player. Works great in and out of the water!

Best Pool Lounge: The Swimline Pool Hammock is a lot of bang for your buck! This highly affordable pool lounge is easy on your wallet but stands the test of time as far as durability and uniqueness. The tough mesh fabric kept buoyant with two inflatable chambers is perfect for keeping your body in the cool pool water while giving you a relaxing float. “I fell asleep while floating on this!” admitted one of the Water Fun Experts.

Best Pool Raft: Water relaxation nirvana is achieved when floating on the Designer Pool Mattress. The Water Fun Experts agree that this fabric-covered inflatable raft with attached pillow provides perfect all-day floating relaxation. This mattress has become a 5-star winner with ToySplash customers.

Best Kids’ Inflatable: The Giant Inflatable Swan is a returning award winner. The huge, adorable swan can accommodate multiple child riders while adding great style to your pool. The experts at ToySplash have even heard this elegant bird has become a popular resident of the pools in the Hamptons! Kids and adults love this unique pool float.

Best Pool Toy: The Swimline Shipwreck Pool Dive Game is a toy that provides hours of fun and encourages imaginative play. The treasure-laden ship floats on the pool’s surface and then slowly starts to sink. Once hitting the bottom of the pool it spills its treasures onto the pool floor. Players dive to retrieve the treasures. Assign point values to each item or make it a race; create different game play depending on the swim expertise level of the players.

Best Water Gun: Swimways Stream Shifter is a versatile, easy-to-use water cannon. Adjust the spray from a gentle shower, to a stream, to a high pressure jet! Delight or attack from up to thirty feet away with this durable PVC-constructed pool gun. “This one-of-a-kind water cannon keeps wild water wars going for hours so we had to choose it!” said one of the Water Fun Experts.

Best Hot Tub and Spa Accessory: Cense Oxygen Infused MPS+Aromatherapy is an amazing product for any hot tub or spa. “We are thrilled to offer this new, innovative product.” said one ToySplash expert. “We love items that offer a great value to our customers. “Cense is a powerful non-chlorine oxidizer infused with unique soothing fragrances so it not only keeps water fresh and clean, but also provides the added benefit of beautiful aromatherapy scents.

Best New Pool Maintenance product: Take the guesswork out of monitoring your pool’s chemical levels with the ePool Water Chemistry Monitoring System. The ePool monitor uses a floating sensor and communicates wirelessly with your home computer, continuously analyzing the water chemical composition of your pool or spa. Any techie will love this product. The ToySplash Experts feel this is the best pool maintenance product they’ve seen in quite a while.

Best Beach Accessory: The Beach Cabana is easy to transport and set up. It provides shelter and much needed shade at the beach quickly and easily. The cabana provides a perfect place for a beach nap or an afternoon snack. It packs up into an easy-to-carry shoulder bag. At a low ToySplash price, this cabana is a worthwhile purchase for beach lovers.

Best Snow Tube: The Air Flyer Snow Tube passed all the snowy testing ToySplash could dish out. The huge 56-inch tube provides room for two and the over-sized PVC molded handles leave plenty of room for mittened hands. The Air Flyer is made of Heavy Duty PVC material with Cold-Crack additive so it’s built to last for multiple snow seasons.

Best Water Safety Product: “The Arctic Armor Pool Safety Cover was our hands-down safety winner of the year” said a ToySplash representative. “With a break strength of over 4000 pounds and a 12-year warranty, we feel this pool cover is a great investment providing safety and peace of mind.” This super-strong, two-ply mesh cover provides superb winter protection for your pool as well.

Best River Tube: The Intex Two-Person River Run is designed to provide a river tubing dream. With seating for two, a built-in cooler and two cup holders, any river rat is sure to love this tube. “We know Americans love tubing and hanging out and we feel this tube makes a river float twice as much fun!” remarked a ToySplash Water Fun expert.

The ToySplash Water Fun Experts had tons of fun compiling this list. Make sure you get your 2013 Award winners for optimal water fun, safety, and cleaning!!