2016 Inflatable Floats!

2016 Inflatable Floats!

Summertime – whether you’re going on vacation or lounging by the pool it’s important to show your personality and uniqueness. Swimline’s Giant Inflatable Swan has taken the social media world by storm over the past few years, which pushed the company to create more animal-themed floats.

The first addition is the Swimline Giant Inflatable Flamingo. This flamingo has a tropical ambiance that floats beautifully in the pool. The flamingo is 76-inches long (that’s right – we’re not messing when we say it’s GIANT!) There’s recessed seating for comfortable lounging.


Maybe last season you purchased the original inflatable swan, but you want to switch it up. Well… we have the perfect switch for you. The Swimline Giant Inflatable Black Swan. The Black Swan is 79-inches long and is 44-inches tall when fully inflated. No need to worry about burning your back and bottom on this float – the top of the swan and recessed seat is made of clear heavy duty vinyl.


The Swimline Giant Inflatable Parrot is always a good choice! The parrot is 93-inches long and 45-inches all when fully inflated. There’s two built-in handles on the parrot’s neck for stability. This scarlet macaw will conjure up images of vacation getaways and bring that tropical spot right into your very own backyard!


Our final SUPER-STAR is the Swimline Giant  The Golden Goose is an elegant float that reflects beautifully of gold – this is definitely a VIP float and we think you’re the right match!


All these and more available at ToySplash.com