4 Indoor Kids Games

4 Indoor Kids Games

Now that the weather is getting a little chilly, some days just call out for indoor play. When you’ve got a group of kids in the house to keep occupied, you may want to try any of these 4 indoor kids games. They are all fun and will get the giggles going!

Our 4 Indoor Kids Games:

Psychic Scavenger Hunt

This variation of the classic party game has a mind-blowing twist: competitors have to guess which items they’re supposed to find.

What you’ll need:

5-10 objects that can easily be found in a room (bowl, brush, bottle, etc.)

How to play:

One player writes out a secret list of 5 to 10 objects that can easily be found in a room, such as a bowl, a brush, and a bottle. He then announces the number of objects he’s looking for, and the other family members have one minute to gather that same number of items.

If anyone brings an object that’s on the list, she gets a point. And, of course, players have to put their items away before the next round.

Try varying the game by limiting the objects to things that begin with the same letter or are a certain shape.

Chopstick Pass-along

What you’ll need:


Unshelled walnut




Small plate

How to play:

Give each player a set of chopsticks and place an unshelled walnut, an acorn, a cranberry, and a pea on a small plate next to the oldest player. She begins by using the chopsticks to pass each object, from largest to smallest, to the person on her right, who receives it with chopsticks and passes it along to the next player. The object is to try to get all four objects back to the starting plate without dropping any of them. Players unable to manage the chopsticks can use a teaspoon instead.

Indoor Foot Volleyball

Your kids don’t need a gymnasium to get some exercise on a cold winter’s day. This version of volleyball can be played indoors without risk to lamp or limb.

* What you’ll need:*

Yarn or string

10-inch inflated balloon

How to play:

To play, first tie a piece of yarn or string across a 10-foot playing area, about 1 foot above the floor. Divide the players into 2 teams and have them set up crab style (faceup, leaning on their hands and feet) in their stocking feet on each side of the string.

4 indoor kids gamesUse a coin toss to determine which team will serve first, then have 1 player on that team launch the beach ball into the air for a teammate to kick over the string to their opponents.

The teams kick the beach ball back and forth, taking all the hits they need to send the ball to the other side. If one team lets the ball touch the floor, the other team earns 1 point and restarts the game by serving the ball from their side. The first team to reach 15 points wins.

Cross the Sea

Pay homage to the Pilgrims’ 1620 voyage with your own (albeit drier, shorter, and less treacherous!) crossing — of the living room.

How to play:

First, pick one person to represent the New World, and have her stand on a chair at one end of the room. Next, choose someone to be the Mayflower; have him stand blindfolded at the other end of the room. Everyone else plays “rocks,” standing, sitting, or lying on the floor in random spots between the two. The New World calls out directions to guide the ship (who can’t talk or peek) safely across the rocky sea to its  final harbor: the chair upon which the New World stands.

No matter if you play 1 or all 4 indoor kids games, you’re sure to have a ton of fun….adults can play, too!

(these games were found on Spoonful.com)