6 Water Balloon Games Sure to Make a Splash!!

6 Water Balloon Games Sure to Make a Splash!!

It’s hot. The kids are cranky. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s time to bust out the water balloons! No one can stay cranky once a water balloon war begins! We’ve got 6 water balloon games sure to make a splash!

Now, I know what you’re saying. Who wants to fill all those water balloons? I’ve got the perfect solution for that. Get the Water Bomb Factory from ToySplash and make filling water balloons a snap. This nifty gadget makes it possible to fill 100 balloons in about 10 minutes! A definite must-have if you’re gonna do some serious water balloon damage.

6 water balloon games sure to make a splashWe also offer a 500 pack of water balloons for just $6.99 making a water balloon war truly affordable. Yay!!

The first game is** Water Balloon Baseball.** Yup, it’s exactly as it sounds. You can either pitch the water balloon to the batter or for younger kids, use a tee ball tee and let them give it a good hit. It’s tough to keep score on this game since most of the time the balloon will pop and splash everywhere but you can give the challenge of who can make their balloon splash the farthest. Obviously, the object of this game isn’t scoring points but it’s just having lots of watery, splashing fun!

Our next game is** Water Balloon Parachute Volleyball**.  This game is lots of fun. Set up teams of 2. Each team is given an old bed sheet, tablecloth, shower curtain, etc. – you get the idea. Set up a volleyball net. If you don’t have one, just draw a line with something, somewhere to make you imaginary net. Each player holds one end of the sheet/cloth and the object is to fling the water balloon over the “net” to the other players. They try to catch it in their sheet and then fling it back. When the balloon drops and/or breaks the opposite team gets a point.

Target Practice is up next. Simply draw a target with chalk on the driveway or street (be sure it’s not a busy street). You can draw an actual bullseye target and assign different points to each circle or draw individual circles and assign points; the further away the circle, the higher the point value. Divide into two teams and keep score up to a certain point amount or until equal players have tossed the balloons. By the way, if the balloon doesn’t break, no points are scored and you can even decide that points will be taken away!

Finally, the good old Water Balloon Toss.  Does anyone not know this game? Pair off into teams. Stand face to face, arms length away from each other and toss the balloon once. Whoever has a balloon that didn’t break takes one step back and toss, again. When your balloon breaks, you’re out. Last team with a balloon intact is the winning team!

If you are really brave and a water balloon fanatic, you can always make a** Water Balloon Slip and Slide**!  Fill lots and lots and lots of water balloons. Use a few big tarps, fold in half lengthwise, and line them up sort of in a walkway fashion. Cover the tarps with the balloons, spray them down with a little mist of water and let the fun begin!!

If you have any water balloons left after all this, go ahead. Have a wild, crazy, knock-down, drag-out water balloon fight!!!