A Day at the Water Ballet

A Day at the Water Ballet

a day at the water balletWant to get your kids’ imaginations and bodies moving in the pool?  How about an impromptu water ballet?  Forget the Tchaikovsky and Brahms and let your kids pick their own music.  Have them choreograph dances to their favorite tunes to creat a day at the water ballet!

There is something about splashing in the water that makes even the most reluctant dancer cut loose! Few children have the patience to choreograph a dance they can repeat, so often water ballet works best as a freestyle dance party in the swimming pool.

To make sure the music carries in the water, consider floating iPod speakers (available at ToySplash.com).  This way, you can spend less time hunting for batteries for that ancient boombox and more time in the water with your kids.

Tips for keeping it fun:

-Create a playlist on your iPod or MP3 player so you don’t have to constantly get up to change the music or wait through boring commercials.

-Soundtracks to children’s movies or family-friendly musicals make for great pool dances because there is some storytelling involved.

-Try to stick with shorter songs to keep it interesting.

Have a blast!