Child to father: “I’m hungry!”

Father to child: “Hi Hungry. Nice to meet you. I’m dad!”

If this reminds you of all the cheesy, silly jokes that your dad has made over the years, don’t you want to thank him for his dad sense of humor? Father’s Day is right around the corner. If you are still racking your brain, trying to come up with the perfect gift for your super dad, we’ve got just the right thing no matter how you describe your father. Take a look:

Awesome Fathers Day Gifts

Awesome Fathers Day Gifts

**Sports Dad: **Whether dad likes football, baseball, basketball or volleyball, we’ve got the perfect game for him! It’s fun to hang out with dad and shoot some hoops or toss a football, so take a look at our big selection of sports equipment and choose the perfect thing for your dad!

Awesome Fathers Day Gifts

*Tech dad: *If dad likes cool gadgets that do awesome things, get him the PoolTunes Floating iPod Speaker Light. This nifty accessory does two things at once! Dad can listen to his favorite oldies while hanging out in the pool or hot tub and light up the water once evening rolls around.

*Awesome Fathers Day GiftsFisherman dad: *ToySplash has tons of awesome things for your favorite fisherman. Dads love the Big Bobber Floating Drink Cooler! This giant cooler looks like a fishing bobber. Attach it to a boat, the dock, or just let it float in the pool. You can stow 12 cans of dad’s favorite beverage plus ice in this crazy cooler. Does dad need a boat so he can get out on the lake and fish a little? Our inflatable boats won’t break your bank. From a single-person fishing float tube for under $100 to a 4-person boat that can house a boat motor, you can equip dad for a fishing excursion for under $1000.

Awesome Fathers Day Gifts

*Golf dad: *Is your dad an avid golfer? If he can’t always get out to the golf course as much as he’d like, get him the Aqua Golf floating golf green to satisfy his need to putt. This versatile golf game works well floating on your pool, the lake, or place it right in the lawn for an easy-to-set-up putting green. Give dad the chance to hone his putting skills with the Aqua Golf.

Awesome Fathers Day Gifts

*Lazy Dad: *No, we’re not implying that your dad is lazy! Every dad needs some relaxation time and we’ve got just the ticket. Our Grand Royal Pool Mattress provides ample space for dad to stretch out and relax in the pool. Pair it with a Sunsoft Drink Caddy and dad can keep multiple drinks plus his snacks right next to him. The only thing missing is a TV…

Awesome Fathers Day Gifts

*Adventurous Dad: *If dad loves the adventures of the outdoors, we’ve got a lot of cool stuff. Are you near the ocean? How about a paddle board? We’ve got quite a variety of paddle boards and equipment to satisfy any beach bum. Is snorkeling something dad loves? Check out our masks and snorkels. Give dad the equipment he needs for an underwater adventure!

*Awesome Fathers Day GiftsParty Animal Dad: *For the ultimate fun-loving dad, the Swimline Tiki Bar is this year’s most unique pool float ever! Dad might even declare it’s “awesomesauce!” Just imagine dad and his best buddies kickin’ back while ordering their favorite drinks at the Tiki Bar located right in the backyard pool or at the lake! It doesn’t get much better than that!!

Whatever category your dad falls into, you will find one-of-a-kind awesome Fathers Day gifts at ToySplash! We’ve got you covered.

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Knock, Knock.

*Who’s there? *


*Tank who?  *

You’re welcome!

(bad joke courtesy of dads everywhere)