Backyard Olympics

You don’t have to wait until 2012 to get your kids into the Olympic spirit!  This week at ToySplash, we’ll show you how to put on your very own backyard Olympics.  With these fun backyard games and pool games, you’ll make everyone feel like a champion!

Presenting the Backyard Olympics!

Now it’s time to prepare –

With summer fast approaching, a lot of families go on vacation.  Find out when your kids’ best friends will be in town so you can have lots of players in the backyard Olympics.  To stretch the fun, space the games out over a week.

Prepare your medals.  Collect the lids from concentrated juice or other smooth-edged metal lids.  Spray paint them gold, silver, and bronze and hot glue them to some decorative ribbon.  Most craft stores will have some great buys on red, white, and blue ribbon around the Fourth of July (or better yet, around July 5!).

Plan an opening ceremony.  Encourage the kids to make towel togas over their swimsuits.  Be sure to snap a lot of pictures and invite the other parents in the neighborhood to watch the spectacle.  Record some fun, festive music, and have a backyard parade.  If your kids want the magic of a torch, hold the opening ceremonies at night and let them lead with a flashlight.  Snacks and drinks are a must!

Tomorrow we’ll start planning the events!