When you think ToySplash you probably just think of pool toys. Did you know we have pool toys plus so much more? We’ve got boats, kayaks, water lights, floating lights, hot tub accessories and tons of other stuff.  So many of our toys are great for the pool but did you know they create lots of bath fun as well? Today we will focus on bath time fun for little girls as we feature our Fairy Tales dolls.

Bath Time Fun for Little Girls

Bath Time fun for Little GirlsThese dolls are adorable!  Watch faces light up when you invite these adorable water toys into the bathtub! With her bright green hair, fluttering wings, and swishing tail, the Water Girls Fairy Tales Doll will delight any little girl. Each doll comes with her own seahorse friend and a seashell comb so your little one can create all sorts of imaginary stories with the Fairy Tale doll and her seahorse sidekick.

Bath Time fun for Little GirlsFor extra bath time fun, you may want to get the Fairy Tales Boutique doll as well. This mermaid comes with an interchangeable mermaid tail or ball gown. Both change colors in the water! This mermaid also has long, beautiful hair so a comb is included. Our mermaid doll is certain to create some awesome bath time fun for little girls!

Once bath time is done, how about a bedtime story about mermaids? We found this adorable book – Three Little Mermaids by Mara van Fleet. (We found the book on Amazon.com). This book has cute, sparkly illustrations and interactive pull tabs. Every little girl will enjoy a magical evening of mermaids in the tub and stories of their adventures. Sweet dreams lie ahead for your little girl after a magical mermaid night!