Chances are you’ve spent some time on a balance ball, either at the gym or in your own home.  They’re great ways to build core strength and stability.  Did you know you can bring that same principle to the swimming pool?  With nothing more than an ordinary beach ball, you can work on balance and stability and also play a few games with the kids! Here’s how to play Beach Ball Balance Ball.

Beach Ball Balance BallThe first step is to get the right beach ball.  You’ll want to choose a small ball (don’t go dragging your indoor ball into the pool–you’ll never be able to hold it down under water!).  Push the beach ball under water and lock your legs around it as you try to sit on it.  Use your hands to steady yourself, especially at first.  If it’s too difficult, try a smaller ball or a less tightly inflated ball.  Once you’ve attained balance, it will take a lot of core work to keep yourself bobbing around the pool on it.  This is a great way to enjoy the pool while actively supervising your kids in the water.  Plus, your bobbing around and trying not to slip off will be fun for your kids to watch.

You can get the kids involved with this activity too.  Choose balls the appropriate size for your children and play rodeo!  Call it the backyard bull riding contest and time how long the kids can stay on top of the ball under water.  Be sure to keep them clear of walls and steps so that if they slip off, they won’t hit their heads!