Beach Towel Fashion Show

We’ve all been there.  The kids are done swimming and they’re ready to come inside . . . but they’re sopping wet!  Your floors are clean and the house is finally in order (imaginary play is fun for everyone, right?).  The last thing you want is a bunch of dripping water all over your living room.  You need to buy some time! Now is the time for a Beach Towel Fashion Show!

Beach Towel Fashion ShowRather than banish the kiddos to the outside with the wholly un-fun “you stay out here until you’re dry,” engage them in some fun dry-off activities.  One of our favorites is the beach towel fashion show.  Have the kids make “outfits” out of their beach towels as they dry off.  With their keen imaginations, they’ll be creating elegant evening gowns, capes, skirts . . . we’ve even seen a fairly decent pantsuit!  Have some extra towels on hand for those elaborate creations.  If you really want to up the game, keep some old belts or rope outside to tie waistlines.  Turn on some music and let the “fashion show begin.”  The kids will be dry long before they’re ready to come inside!

Is your child not into fashion shows? Beach towels look an awful lot like superhero capes . . . and there is a whole backyard that needs saving!

**Remember to have your kids change out of their swimsuits once they’re inside and promptly rinse out the suits to protect the suits from chlorine damage!