Best Snow Toys Just in Time for Christmas

Best Snow Toys Just in Time for Christmas

Playing in the snow is great fun; especially when you have the best snow toys. ToySplash has you covered! Not only do we have amazing pool toys but our selection of winter inflatables are considered the best snow toys just in time for Christmas!

best snow toys just in time for Christmas…

best snow toys just in time for ChristmasThe Super Crossover Snow and Boat Tube is the perfect tube for anyone who loves winter and summer excitement!  This inflatable is made for 1 or 2 riders. Our nylon-covered, super-durable tube is made for fast tubing down a snowy hill but also works perfectly as a boat-towable tube at the lake!  This double-duty tube provides winter and summer fun…quite the bang for your buck!

best snow toys just in time for ChristmasIf you own a Speedseeker Snow Tube Rider you are prepared for many seasons of snow play. This heavy-duty PVC inflatable sled is made to take the toughest hills at lightening-fast speed. There’s room for two so grab your friends and get the winter fun started! This rider comes complete with a tow-rope so being towed behind a snowmobile is another fun option.

best snow toys just in time for ChristmasGive the kids a big surprise with our Inflatable Snow Igloo!! Building a snow fort is lots of fun, but the snow doesn’t always cooperate…there’s not enough, it doesn’t pack, etc, etc. With our snow igloo, outdoor fun is just moments away. Quickly inflate this fort with our Quick-fill Air Pump and the kids will be occupied for hours. Give them a thermos of hot cocoa and some waterproof playing cards and you won’t see them all afternoon. This unique inflatable is one of our most popular!  Plus, who says it’s just for the snow?  This is a great clubhouse for summer fun as well. Take it camping or set it up in the backyard.

best snow toys just in time for ChristmasCreate exciting snow sledding for your youngster with our Snowmobile Rider. This inflatable is perfect for the new snow sledder. Kids can sit on this just like a snowmobile. With handles and the ability to steer the direction of the snowmobile, kids will feel more secure going down a snowy hill on this cool snow toy. It’s great for little ones but can accommodate riders up to 170 pounds. Made of durable plastic that’s crack-resistant up to -25 degrees, this inflatable will last for many years of snow play!

best snow toys just in time for ChristmasThe best bang for your buck can be found in our Speedster Snow and Surf Bodyboard. This affordable inflatable is suitable for snow or water! The nylon covering on this board makes for smooth sailing down a snowy hill or across the waves! Our dual-purpose board is a ToySplash favorite. Equipped with built-in handles, this board can provide super-fast speed. So put a helmet on your head and hang on for a wild ride!

All our inflatables are ready for quick shipment; just in time for Christmas. Plan some great family fun in the snow and pack the best snow toys from ToySplash!