Cannonball contests are a summer staple.  There is something about leaping into the water and making a giant splash that kids love.  You can make the splash attack even more fun with these great games and accessories.

Cannonball The Inflatable Cannonball:  This is a great toy for a nervous jumper.  Sometimes younger children know how to swim, but are still building confidence when it comes to jumping into the water.  With an inflatable cannonball, they can jump into the water, confident that they will land and float.

Targeted Bombing:  Using dive rings or dive sticks, create targets for each jumper.  Have each child try to get as close to the marked spot in the pool as possible and retrieve the dive ring or stick on his or her jump.

CannonballCannonball Catch:  Throw a beach ball to the jumper while he or she is in midair.  The jumper should catch the ball and return to a tucked cannonball position before hitting the water.