We’ve revamped capture the flag for a hot summer day by moving it into the pool!  The basics of the game Capture the Splash are exactly the same, but it’s so much cooler in the pool!

If you’ve never played capture the flag, it’s a simple, fun game for a group.  When playing on an open soccer field, the field is divided in half and two teams are assigned one half of the field as well as a “flag” to protect.  Team members cross to the opposing team’s side in an effort to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their own side.  While on the other team’s side, players are vulnerable to being tagged.  If tagged, that person is put in jail and the only way to get out is for a team member to reach the jail to break them out.  Generally, the prisoner and his or her rescuer are guaranteed safe passage back to their own side and are immune from tagging.  The team that is able to capture the other team’s flag and bring it to its own side wins.

Playing in the pool is much the same.

In place of a “flag,” assign each team a dive stick or a dive ring.    Divide the pool in half–a volleyball net is a great way to split the swimming pool.  Many pools are equipped with a love seat on one end and steps on the other.  Those make excellent jails for captured players.  What you lose in size of the playing field, you make up for in depth of water.  Use the same basic rules to play the game.  Depending on your group’s ability to capture the dive stick or ring, you may choose to award points per capture and play to ten or twenty.  Capture the Splash