A Clean Sweep! (and vacuum)

A Clean Sweep! (and vacuum)

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, but pools don’t clean themselves… For the down and dirty bits and pieces, I’ll walk you through some basic pool cleaning and maintenance.

Earlier in the month I went over deck scrubbing, and how to maintain your pool deck weekly. This week I want to tackle a tougher cleaning task – pool sweeping & tile scrubbing. I hope you’re up to it!

I typically use three kinds of brushes when I sweep my pool; a standard bar style pool brush, a tile brush (like a deck brush, but smaller), and a corner brush! Sometimes I skip swapping through all three brushes, but I try to include each every time. After all, I only scrub my pool once a week!

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Start with your tile trim, if you have one. A quick scrub is all that’s necessary. I use a quick up/down motion, and circular motion for tough dirt. However, if your tiles are really gummy or gross, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! They work wonders, and don’t leave additional chemicals behind.

Once the tiles are sparkling, its time to switch to the corner brush. This is super quick and easy. Just give all of the corners a good scrub, be sure to include the corner of any steps!!! Dirt loves to get into corners, and it can be difficult to remove, my favorite brush for this is the Swimline Corner and Step Pool Vac Brush. This brush attaches to a standard pool pole, and works quickly and efficiently. It’s awesome, because I can use it by itself, or attach the vacuum hose and use it to vacuum the corners and steps as well!