Create The Luge for Your Winter Olympics

Create The Luge for Your Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are here! It’s so fun to watch the Olympics and learn about all the different athletes and their stories. I just saw a commercial that showed one of the female luge competitors; showing pictures from back when she was a kid and how her slide and her sled got her headed in the direction she has finally reached.

To me, the luge is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time! I remember sledding back in the day. It was fun but scary – especially if my brother was in charge of the direction and the speed of the sled! I do have some fond memories of snowy, slippery hills and lots of laughing, smiling, and shouting. Every kid should have the thrill of this activity. If you don’t live in a cold climate where sledding is a regular winter event, don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect solution! Here’s how to create the luge for your Winter Olympics!

Create the Luge for Your Winter Olympics

Create The Luge for Your Winter Olympics

In case you missed it, the ToySplash Surf and Slide was featured on the Rachael Ray show in a segment that included creating fake snow and using our cool slide and pool as your own snowy hill…or Luge!!

Winter Olympics for Kids - The Luge

The Surf and Slide is an awesome inflatable pool and water slide all in one. It even comes with two inflatable surf (or snow) riders so your kids and their friends can slide down the snowy hill. The cool thing about using the Surf and Slide for your luge is that you can use it, again, during the summer for exciting sliding and swimming fun!

Winter Olympics for Kids - The LugeMaking the artificial snow is easier than you think. You can purchase a 1-gallon bucket of Speedy Snow; a non-toxic polymer that turns into snow when water is added. The 1-gallon bucket makes 5 gallons of snow. Get your snow ready and add it to the Surf and Slide. Be sure to add snow to the pool section as well as the slide section so you get a good, slippery slide. Landing in the snow at the end of the slide is the best part!

You can watch the video of  the snow sliding action on The Rachael Ray Show here.  Take your own videos of the kids enjoying the luge you created. You never know, you might have a future Olympian on your hands!!