Creating BARS Against Water Tragedies

creating BARS against water tragediesAt ToySplash, we believe in fun, but to us, safety is number one.  Summer is still a couple of months away, but now is the time to create your family’s water safety plan.  Making a plan now means everyone is ready when it’s time to dive in.

Creating BARS against water tragedies-

**B **Barriers:  Fence your pool and ensure the latches are functioning and out-of-reach of tiny hands.  Check for gaps in fencing so little ones can’t go over, under, or in between the bars.  Take away the temptation to sneak in!  Don’t store anything kids can climb on near the fence.

**A **Ability: Enroll children in swim lessons.  Enroll adults and older children in CPR and water safety courses.  If your swimming skills are weak, practice so you can be ready in the event of an emergency.  Regardless of age, people who are not able to swim themselves cannot adequately supervise children in the water.

**R **Rules:  Teach and repeat the family pool rules now so they’re memorized by the time they get in the water.

**S **Supervision:  There is no substitute for supervision; watch children around water.  Diligent attention to children in and near swimming pools saves lives.