Diving Board Dodgeball

Diving Board Dodgeball

Incorporate a classic outside game with water fun by moving dodgeball to the swimming pool with Diving Board Dodgeball. The object of the game is similar, but the game play is a little different.

rules for Diving Board Dodgeball…

Diving Board DodgeballDivide your group into teams or play one-on-one. Pick one person to be the target and another person (just one player if you are working in teams) to be the thrower. The target must go to the diving board and jump off. The thrower must throw a beach ball to hit the target while he or she is in the air. That is, a valid “tag” cannot occur before the target begins the jump, although a portion of the target’s body may have hit the water. If the target is hit, then the thrower/thrower’s team gets one point. Alternate turns until one team or person reaches 25 points.

Remember, use a beach ball only! Heavier balls could cause serious injury, particularly if they push jumpers off course into a wall.

Use common sense to prevent injury. Don’t pit strong children against weak ones and stop the game if anyone becomes too aggressive.

Adjust the throwing distance depending in the age and skill of
players. Younger or less skilled throwers may stand closer to the diving area whereas older and more skillful players ought to stand on the opposite end of the pool.