Diving Essentials

Diving Essentials

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that your kids know how to do everything you can do. Remember trying to explain how to tie a shoe? Diving is one of those grown-up things that can be hard to teach. ToySplash is here to help with Diving Essentials.

First teach the safety basics:
– only dive in the deep end
-no diving until the pool is clear
-never dive into unknown water (lakes, rivers, etc.)

Then move on to the basics of form. Get the kids used to placing their hands out in front of them. Start in the shallow end and practice dunking heads in dive form. Once they get used to dunking their heads, practice making a small arc.

Always point the body towards the deep end for this. Once your kids can jump and make an arc, they’re ready to get out of the water and start diving in.

Diving EssentialsDemonstrate a few times first. Then, help the children jump in dive form. Spot them like a gymnastic coach. Some kids are frightened of the diving board at first. But the diving board is often one of the safest places to dive. The slope of the pool on the edges can be a bit sudden. the diving board extends to the center, away from the sloped edges. That way, if they forget to put their hands out, there is less a chance to hit their heads.

If your kids already know how to dive, be sure to have them go slow the first few dives of the year. Kids don’t always notice themselves growing stronger and taller. Sometimes the force they used last year to land gently in the middle of the deep end will propel them clear to the shallow end or too quickly to the bottom.