Encouraging Independent Swimming

Encouraging Independent Swimming

A lot of kids are too big for floaties but not yet ready to swim on their own.  In the same way, a lot of kids who are confident swimmers in their own backyards are not quite ready to swim in a big crowd or at the water park.  Kickboards are a great accessory in encouraging independent swimming.

encouraging independent swimmingCheck out ToySplash’s selection of kickboards to help your big kid gain confidence in the water.  Have your kids hold on to the kickboard to practice swimming across the pool.  Slowly phase out the kickboard and your kids’ reliance on it as they move from one end of the pool to the other.

Maybe your kids are decent swimmers in the pool, but a little nervous about their first trip to the beach.  Kickboards are great for this too! To help practice, get everyone in the family to jump up and down in the swimming pool.  In no time, you’ll have waves in the backyard.  Have your child brave the waves holding on to the kickboard.  Repeat this exercise, slowly phasing out the kickboard until your little one can swim confidently through the backyard waves.

When you get to the beach, start out with the kickboards and stay with the kids to build their confidence.  In no time at all, you’ll be able to leave their sides.  Keep an eye on them, but give them some space and watch them flourish!

Splash away!