Water balloons are a backyard classic.  From water balloon wars to tossing games, kids would be thrilled with an endless water balloon toss!

However, filling water balloons can be so much work for grown-ups!  Few kids can fill the balloons on their own; that leaves it to moms and dads.  From the tedious work of filling and tying each individual balloon, to the few that burst open during filling, drenching the grown-up helper, its a chore.  And then there is cleaning up the bits of rubber all over the backyard when the water balloon war and toss are over.  There is a reason water balloons are often confined to birthday parties and picnics.

Endless Water Balloon TossYou can delight them by making every day a special with the next best thing: reusable Splash Bombs give your kids the fun of water balloons without the work or the mess.  These foam balls soak up water so they splash like water balloons.  Your kids can spend hours soaking each other with these fun splashing toys.