Experience the Watchman Stove

Experience the Watchman Stove

Warm weather is just around the corner….I promise, it will happen….and now is a good time to check out some new BBQ Grills. Toysplash would like to introduce the Watchman Stove and accessories . Manufactured in the USA using carbon and stainless steel, the Watchman Stove lets you prepare your favorite foods directly on the cook top or indirectly, using pots and pans.

The Watchman Stove offers different options to cook your meals. You can choose the Front Feeding option, which is the quickest way to get the stove up to cooking temperature. The Top Feeding option is perfect for cooking with charcoal or to kick back and enjoy a small fire for s'mores with your family and friends. The Watchman Stove also features an Ash Side which makes dumping hot ashes a breeze. The Ash Slide also doubles as a secondary air intake while using the top feeding option. The Potato Plate can be used to cook corn, potatoes, shrimp in a pan with butter, for warming side dishes, sauce, or even warming up a quick cup of coffee. The versatility of this stove and it's rugged build will give you years of enjoyable outdoor cooking.

The Watchman Stove also has great accessories that will make BBQ time much more fun and simple. The convoy hitch hauler lets you take your stove on camping trips, tailgate parties, and to the beach. Easily move the stove around your yard or patio using the 16 guage steel rolling cart , equipped with 4 swivel casters.

Other cooking accessories available from Watchman stove are the charcoal grate , the steel plate griddle , and the bumper to keep those hot dogs and sausages from rolling away. Purchase your Watchman Stove by itself, or create your own Watchman Stove Bundle .

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