Extend Your Summer, Plus Save Money with Solar Blankets

Extend Your Summer, Plus Save Money with Solar Blankets

Solar blankets save you money and extends your swimming season.

By absorbing and trapping the energy of the sun, a solar blanket can heat your pool’s water by up to 15 degrees without using a gas heater or propane pool heater, thus saving you on heating costs by 50%-70%. This is the same on in-ground pools and above ground pools. A solar blanket also holds the sun’s heat in the water when the nights start to get chillier as the summer season wanes. By keeping the pool water warm, for free, you’re extending the fun you can have in the pool for the season. It also works in spring, when the days and nights start to get mild, but aren’t too warm, the solar blanket can kick start the heating process and get you in the pool early.

Solar blanket reels help make the task of taking on and off the solar blanket much easier. Simply rolling it up neatly and out of the way takes mere minutes, a good solar reel will protect your solar blanket for years of use. There are several choices to pick from for both in-ground and above ground pools. Most any in-ground solar blanket reel is designed to fit under diving boards as well as some that are portable.

Toysplash also carries replacement parts for your solar reels, including crank wheels, casters, and solar reels for both above and in-ground pools.

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