Family Autumn Afternoon

Family Autumn Afternoon

October is such a beautiful month no matter where in the country you live. The sun is lower in the sky; making sunlight play in different ways on the leaves, flowers and even as it shines in a window. Leaves are turning into beautiful reds, golds and yellows and we all anticipate the fall and winter holidays that are just around the corner. This time of year makes many turn towards family and spending quality time with those nearest and dearest to our hearts. A family autumn afternoon is the perfect way to enjoy our loved ones at this special time of year.

plan your family autumn afternoon ~

A day out in nature is a beautiful way to spend an autumn afternoon.  Observing and collecting different leaf specimens can be a fun family activity. Another thing you can do is collect pine cones to take home and use as decorations around the house and for craft projects. Almost every state has some beautiful lakes and rivers that just shimmer in the sun on a lazy afternoon, so spending some time on the water as a family is a great way to reconnect as well. If you don’t own a boat or canoe but want to get the family out and about on the water, try a reasonably priced inflatable boat. The 6-person Voyager inflatable boat is perfect for a journey on the water without sinking lots of money into a more expensive boat. The Voyager is just right for a little jaunt out on a lake or river for a relaxing float or to do a little fishing.

A Family Autumn AfternoonWant to do a water trip that’s a little more adventurous? Try the Flash 2-person Kayak if a little white water rapids is on your to do list. Both the kayak and the Voyager are inflatable. Transport these crafts uninflated; then use the quick fill air pump to inflate your boat or kayak once at your destination. That same pump can be used to deflate as well! This handy pump plugs right into a cigarette lighter in any vehicle.

Whatever you decide on as your activities for a family autumn afternoon, enjoy nature at it’s best and have fun with those you love!