Firecracker Tie Dye T-Shirt

Independence Day is next week already!!  Yikes! In an effort to always have some kind of project for the kids each week, I decided we all needed to make these cool Firecracker Tie Dye t-shirts.  Tie Dye is always a lot of fun. You can follow the instructions below or be creative and add rubber bands and the dye wherever your heart desires. There is no right or wrong way!

These are perfect to wear to our 4th of July Pool Party and to see the fireworks later that night.

Firecracker Tie Dye T-shirt

What you’ll need:

– Rit dye: one blue and one red (find at your local grocery store)
– rubber bands or zip ties
– 2 buckets
– 100% white cotton shirt, already washed
– coat hangers
-rubber gloves

What you do:

Cinch the shirt into three different sections; starting at the top and working your way down the length of the shirt and wrap rubber bands or zip ties around each section (you will be securing two rubber bands or two zip ties.)

Mix the dye into the two buckets; one for red, one for blue, according to the package instructions.

Wearing rubber gloves, dip the top cinched section of the shirt into the red dye and hold there for a while; depending on the deepness of the red desired.

Next, dip the bottom third of the shirt into the blue dye, again, hold for a while; depending on the deepness of the blue desired.

Hang the shirt, without taking off the bands or ties, where it can dry for 24 hours.

Once dry, take off the bands or zip ties and voila’!! There’s your adorable, firecracker t-shirt!

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