Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Barrier

Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Barrier

Mosquito Barrier is the environmentally safe way to significantly reduce the mosquito population in your yard. The all-natural product is easily applied and works on contact to kill many soft bodied insects. Let's go over some Frequently Asked Questions regarding this insect repellant for more information.

Is Mosquito Barrier safe for my children and pets?

Yes! There are no poisons or harmful chemicals in Mosquito Barrier. Just 99.3% garlic juice with some food grade preservatives added.

Does Mosquito Barrier repel Fleas, Ticks and Chiggers?

Yes, but don't spray your dog or cat. Instead, cut all tall grass and spray liberally on grass, shrubs, plants and tree trunks in the yard. Spray the yard completely. Also, be sure to spray the sides of buildings, tree trunks and wooden fence posts to a height of 6 feet when spraying for ticks. There is no need to spray the foliage on any trees. If there is a heavy infestation, repeat in 5 days and then every two weeks thereafter. That should be sufficient to keep the insects out of the yard.

Can I keep mosquitoes off my child by spraying her?

No. Mosquito Barrier does not work when sprayed on people to keep insects away. Mosquito Barrier only removes feeding areas.

If I don't use all the Mosquito Barrier, will it stay good until next year?

Put the lid on tight, store it in a cool place and it should last for about two years. In a refrigerator at 40 degrees, it will last several years.

Why do you sometimes recommend a 1% solution and at other times recommend a 2% solution of Mosquito Barrier be sprayed?

With normal infestations the 1% solution of Mosquito Barrier works fine. For heavier infestations you may increase the strength anywhere from a 2% to 5% solution or more. Your best method would be to spray first with a 1% solution, if you still notice some infestation then increase the strength.

Do I have to spray again if it rains?

Do not spray if rain is predicted for the next 24 to 48 hours. After spraying and having about a 48 hour dry-spell window the Mosquito Barrier will generally be okay even through 2 or 3 moderate rain showers. Best way to determine when to spray again is to watch for mosquitoes. If you see them returning - it's time to spray again.

Is Mosquito Barrier harmful to beneficials like birds, bees, ladybugs and butterflies?

No, not at all. Birds, bees and ladybugs are not bothered by the garlic spray. Butterflies are not bothered by the garlic spray if you do not spray it on them directly.

Will Mosquito Barrier work on fire ants?

Yes. We have had excellent results getting rid of fire ants by using Mosquito Barrier in a drench that is poured over the fire ant mound.

Will my horses be able to eat the grass sprayed with Mosquito Barrier?

Yes. Garlic does not bother horses at all. Some horse owners actually feed garlic (in liquid and solid forms) to their horses to help keep flies away.

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