When you're outside in the pool on a hot summer day, what would you consider to be the best snack? We bet a lot of people would say fruit! Its cool, refreshing and tasty. We have a new line of floats here at ToySplash and we're excited to tell you about it in a fun way. Fruit have so many health benefits and are a great way to get nutrients and vitamins in our bodies. These super cute floats are sure to be the talk of the pool party. So let's talk fruit:


The healthy:

Reduces inflammation of muscles, helps heal wounds, protects against infections, helps prevent arthritis, boosts immunity and improves oral/eye health.

The fun:

Tropical Fruit Clear Pineapple Pool Raft - 77in

This oversized pineapple float is made of heavy duty vinyl and reinforced edges. It is extremely comfortable and cute!

Next up, KIWI

The healthy:

Powerful source of antioxidants, helps induce sleep, good source of dietary fiber, aids in digestion, packed with vitamins and minerals, and aids to keep skin looking youthful.

The fun:

Tropical Fruit Pool Tube - Kiwi - 36in

This kiwi pool tube is made of heavy duty vinyl and has reinforced edges. It's perfect for adding some tropical vibes to your pool!


The healthy:

Helps maintain blood pressure, great for the heart, good source of fiber and potassium and is thought to speed up weight loss.

The fun:

Tropical Fruit Pool Tube - Pink Grapefruit - 36in

This grapefruit pool tube is super juicy and unique! It is also made of heavy duty vinyl and has reinforced edges.

Those are just a few of our fun candy line pool floats! We also have an orange pool tube and a watermelon pool tube!

Special Thanks to Organic Facts and Smart Cooky