Fun at the Hotel Pool

As you plan your family vacation this summer, take a few moments to call the hotels you’re considering and ask if they provide any sort of rafts or pool toys for children.  In this economic climate, hotels are willing to compete for your family’s business through perks like stocking the hotel pool with pool toys, rafts, and floats.  It’s an easy way to delight their guests and attract families to a hotel. So why not look for all the things that make your vacation more fun? If you can have more fun at the hotel pool that’s just one more perk to your vacation!

Already booked your hotel?  Even if your hotel does not have a selection of pool toys and rafts for guest use, you can always bring your own.  The great thing about most pool toys, rafts, and floats is that they are inflatable and lightweight so they will tuck into your suitcases without costing you in overweight bag fees.  Spring floats are especially compact and easy to take anywhere. We recommend bringing your own pool toys because of the limited selection and sky-high prices in many tourist destinations.

fun at the hotel pool after a long day…

Fun at the Hotel PoolIt’s no secret that kids have boundless energy (especially kids who have spent the day eating the sugary treats that are oh-so-appealing and plentiful at family-centered attractions).  Some pool toys will give you some much needed respite when you get back to the hotel at night.  Imagine reclining in a comfy floating lounge while your kids jump and splash to their hearts’ content with the pool toys and rafts you cleverly tucked into the suitcases.  Now *that’s *a vacation!