Fun Things to Do at the Beach!

Fun Things to Do at the Beach!

Summer is notorious for beach vacations and getaways. Obviously we approve! There is so much stress in our lives that it’s important to take time to recharge our batteries and take in a serene environment. If you’re like me I enjoy sitting on the beach near the water’s edge with a good book and a cold beverage. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your vacation and try something different with your family and friends? Take a look at our list of fun things to do at the beach!

  1. Dolphin siting. Many beaches all over the world offer a chance to see dolphins right from the sea shore. A lot of beaches offer cruises and even jet ski tours that allow people to see dolphins up close and personal as they follow shrimp boats. Do a little bit of research beforehand – most places offer jet ski dolphin tours for $100 for two people for one hour. That’s a great deal!

  2. **Look for seashells.**I enjoy looking at Pinterest for seashell crafts and once I have something in mind I will walk along the beach to look for similar shells. This is a great activity, because you get exercise and it’s relaxing. The best time to look for seashells is early in the morning before everyone sets up their spots on the beach.

  3. Build a sandcastle. This is a classic beach time activity for kids and adults. Instead of a traditional sandcastle try making a turtle, dolphin, or shark. Use shells, sticks, and whatever else you can find to decorate your creature!

  4. Visit shops or boardwalks. The majority of beaches are located in beach towns with little seaside shops. These shops are great for souvenirs or collectors items.

  5. Explore/Scavenger Hunt. It’s always fun to explore a new place and what’s better than exploring the beach. You can find some interesting things that wash ashore.

  6. Tic-Tac-Toe (in the sand of course!) **It’s super fun and FREE. Use two different colored sea shells instead of X’s and O’s. You can also add an adult element of if you lose you have drink like beer pong.

  7. Play a game. Try playing some beach ball, badminton, volleyball, corn hole, or sand hole! Flying a kite is also a fun thing to do.

  8. Unwind & Relax. Try some beginner’s yoga poses to relieve stress and unwind. Try these poses: Hero Pose, Child’s Pose, Reach Back, Downward Dog, Chaturanga, and Upward Facing Dog. Apply your sunscreen, put some music on, and take a nap on a beach towel.