Inflatable Water Noodles are some of the most versatile pool toys around and for less than $6 a piece, you can outfit the whole gang!  Here are some fun games and activities that feature this dynamic toy:

Fun With Water Noodles:

The Raft Challenge:  combine six (or more!) water noodles as if they were a giant raft.  Time your family and friends as they try to stay afloat on all of them at once.  Even if you choose not to make a contest of it, their splashes into the water will keep everyone laughing!

Fun with Water Noodles

The Seahorse:  Ride the noodle like a horse in the pool.  To make it more interesting, no hands allowed and riders must stay afloat based on balance alone.

Submerging Relay Race:  This one is perfect for a big group and really builds teamwork.  Teams of two or three must completely submerge one pool noodle and move it from one end of the pool to the other.  If any part of the noodle pops out of the water, the team has to go back to the beginning.  Assign each team 3-6 noodles and let the good times float!

Launching Noodle:  Drag the noodle under the water, then release it and watch it fly out of the water.  For extra water fun, encourage a child outside the pool to try to capture the perfect picture of the noodle with a camera.