School’s out for summer! Keeping kids busy during the summer can be a challenge. ToySplash recently hosted a Girls Ice Cream Pool Party and all the girls attending agreed this was an awesome start to their summer!  It really didn’t take much planning or work at all. Inflate a few pool toys, add a pool, some girls, and best of all – ice cream, and you’ve got the perfect summer afternoon!

Our girls tried out a few different inflatable floats. Here are some of their favorites:

Girls Ice Cream Pool Party

The Swimline Teacup Spinner seemed like a perfect choice for our pool party. Shaped like a giant teacup, this awesome pool float is perfect for a sunny, summer afternoon in the water. Get the excitement started by having one person in the teacup and everyone else helps spin the saucer and cup. What’s better than a crazy spin in a teacup? Add some ice cream to the mix and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Girls Ice Cream Pool PartyWhen it comes to hanging out on the water with your besties, the Swimline Peace Pool Float is the place to be! This huge 73-inch diameter yellow pool float has enough room for a group of friends to just chill and relax. The mesh inserts keep you immersed in the cool water while the inflatable peace sign provides enough buoyancy for a crowd. Our girls loved this giant raft!

Girls Ice Cream Pool Party

After a “peaceful” rest on the Peace Pool Float, the girls were ready for some crazy water fun on the Habitat Maze Play System. We set ours up as a slide. The girls had a great time sliding and screaming for a long time. It doesn’t matter if you slide head first or feet first, all that matters is how much fun this awesome pool float provides all summer long!

Girls Ice Cream Pool PartyTime for ice cream!! The girls took a break for a bit after all the sliding and screaming and enjoyed some fun flavors of ice cream provided by our good friends at Scooptacular. Throwing an impromptu party doesn’t always mean you have to plan complicated snacks and decorations. These girls loved eating some delicious ice cream and having fun in the pool. Scooptacular provided us with color-changing spoons and cups. The cups fit perfectly in the Floating Can Insulator so the girls’ beverages were right with them in the pool.

Girls Ice Cream Pool PartyAfter enjoying some delicious ice cream, the girls decided it was time for a relaxing float in the pool. The Swimline Pool Hammock  and the CoolPod Pool Lounger are the perfect hangouts for a lazy summer afternoon. If you want to soak in a little sun but still stay immersed in the water, the pool hammock is the place to be. If you’re looking for a little sun protection and a comfy place to read a book with a bit of privacy, then the CoolPod is definitely the right choice. The girls loved both floats.

So, if you’ve got a group of bored kids, just follow this fool-proof plan for keeping them happy this summer. Find a body of water, add some super cool pool toys, delicious ice cream and you’ve got a group of happy kids.  Rock on, mom!

Girls Ice Cream Pool Party