Nothing gets a kid to fall in love with water and swimming faster than goggles.  Swimming and splashing is fun, but once they can open their eyes to the world under water, kids develop a new love for swimming.  They can see the sun shining through the water and get up close to see every mark in the cement.  After you give your child goggles, it’s not unusual to see them surfacing quickly to get air, and then return to explore more under the water.  The underside of a beach ball, what their favorite raft looks like from the other side, and maybe even a sibling’s face after a dive–it’s all new and interesting! Goggles – their window to the water…and the world!

goggles - their window to the waterTap into their fascination with exploring underwater and at the same time, work on their creativity and academic skills.  Ask your child to pay attention to what he or she sees underwater.  Sit by the side of the pool and take some notes on what they say.  When you get back inside, have them draw pictures of what they’ve seen.  And, for the older kids, have them try to write a paragraph or a poem about being underwater.  They’ll never know that you’re keeping them sharp for another year of school!