Green Haired Monsters

Green Haired Monsters

If you’re the parent of a water baby, you know what we mean by “green haired monsters.”  Every summer, the kids dive into the pool and, in a few weeks, fair locks begin to take on a greenish tinge.  There are a few options out there, some more fun than others.  We, of course, recommend the fun version to keep your kids from being green haired monsters!

First, there are special shampoos that treat over-chlorinated hair.  They’re easy, but the downside comes with cost and harshness.  They may keep the green out, but will often do substantial damage to the hair.  And they can often be quite expensive.  With the cost, we deem this the least fun option.

Second, you can always saturate your kids’ hair before they go in the water.  Just like a towel, there is a limit to the amount of water your kids’ hair can soak up.  If you presoak, the hair will have less of a chance to soak up the harsh, chlorinated water.  This is a good option, but not a terribly fun one.

Green Haired MonstersThird, the fun option!  Swimming caps.  No, we’re serious.  Swimming caps don’t have to be boring and institutional.  Let your kids have fun by decorating their own.  With waterproof markers and strong glues, your kids can make a fun swimming pool accessory that also keeps their hair from turning green.  And the great thing about swimming caps is they are readily available and fairly inexpensive.  So your kids can design and redesign caps for different games, days, and moods.  Also, a swimming cap is the superior option if the kids keep a busy schedule.  Kids with swimming caps don’t show up at their piano lessons with wet hair!

So, fight the green haired monsters the fun way!