International Beer Day! 🍺

International Beer Day! 🍺
For our 21 and over customers, we want to inform you that AUGUST 4TH is International Beer Day! This day is where we globally celebrate our love of beer as a planet! You can celebrate by having a beer in your backyard on your [ToySplash Beer Float]( or by hitting up the local pub with some friends. ![beer float](/content/images/2017/07/rsz_2tysinft1000038362_-02_inflatable-giant-beer-mug-raft-72-5in.jpg)

International Beer Day is the first Friday of August every year, so mark your calendar! It is celebrated in over 200 cities globally! According to the founders, the IBD purpose is to:

Gather Friends and Enjoy the Deliciousness That is Beer

Celebrate the Dedicated Men and Women who Brew and Serve Beer

Bring the World Together by Celebrating the Beers of all the Nations and Cultures

So go ahead, raise one up!

And if beer is not your alcoholic beverage of choice, we have Margarita floats too!

Please be safe in celebrating this awesome International Holiday!