International Surfing Day - June 20, 2018

International Surfing Day - June 20, 2018

International Surfing Day is held annually on June 20th and is celebrated in more than 30 countries. This day celebrates surfing as a sport, its lifestyle, and the sustainability of ocean resources.

Surfing was a significant part of the Polynesian culture for centuries. Europeans observed people surfing in Tahiti in 1767 and again in 1769. In the journals of Captain James Hook (1779) by Lieutenant James King, the art of surfing on Hawaii is mentioned. Mark Twain even made mention of it when writing about a trip to Hawaii in 1866.

This global event includes barbecues, film screenings, surf contests, and other activities related to surfing. Participants also work on projects to promote coastal protection including beach clean ups and habitat restoration.

International Surfing Day was established in 2004 by The Surfrider Foundation in collaboration with Surfing Magazine. Surfrider has cleaned up more than 20 tons of garbage since International Surfing Day was first kicked off, with over one million people pitching in in to help.

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