Ionize Your Pool

Ionize Your Pool
Unfortunately you're not the only living organism swimming around your pool. Algae, bacteria and fungus also live in your pool. They are microscopic so you cannot see them, but they are there. Luckily, there is a way to keep them out, a [pool water ionizer]( There are plenty of benefits to purchasing an ionizer for your pool. We already talked about the first reason:

Gets Rid of Unwanted Bacteria and Algae
The ionizer emits positively charges silver and copper ions and a current that kills these tiny organisms.

Less Chlorine Use
This is actual a double benefit. You can purchase less chlorine because the pool is being sanitized by the ionizer further AND excess chlorine won't bother skin or eyes of swimmers.

Pool Looks Healthier
You will have better piece of mind knowing that your water is CLEAN plus the benefit of having to clean it less often.

Everything is Safe
The way an ionizer works is through a mild current, that is not even detectable therefore it is safe every member of the family, both humans and pets.

Here at ToySplash, we sell an affordable pool ionizer. We'll help you make your pool cleaner and save more money on chlorine!

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