It is COLD

What do you do when your kids insist on getting in the pool when it is cold, but then complain about it?   There is the ever popular, “told ya so,” but since they’ll likely be begging to go in again tomorrow, you can teach them some fun ways to acclimate to the cold water.  Here are some of our favorites:

Ripping Off the Bandage”:  take one flying leap off the diving board and get it over with.  Once you’re in, you won’t want to get back out! Get them excited about it and soon the enthusiasm will make them forget about the cold.

Slow and Steady”:  Place your feet on the top step and hold your feet in the water for 5 seconds.  Pull them out and wait five more.  Next time, get your legs wet up to the knees.  Get out again.  Keep going until your whole body is wet.  It’s quite a process and is an opportunity for your little actor to ham it up.

Reverse Sauna”:  In Scandinavia, the sauna is the main event, but when they finish, a lot of people enjoy running around outside in the snow.  The swimming pool is the main event in your backyard, but to take the edge off that first bit of cold, how about a run through a piping hot shower first?  As an extra benefit, you can get hair and swimsuits saturated with water before jumping into the chlorinated pool.  That’s a good way to keep the suits and hair from being damaged by rough chemicals.

What are your best strategies for getting in a cold pool?