Making the Most of Your Summer

Making the Most of Your Summer

It’s easy to let summer just slip right through your fingers if you aren’t careful. For many of us, work continues and the daily grind gets in the way of enjoying the nicer weather and the great outdoors. With a bit of planning, making the most of your summer is easy. While you’re at it, you’ll make some great memories as well.

making the most of your summer…

Making the Most of Your Summer

**Have a picnic: **Whether it’s at the beach, the park, the woods, or your backyard, there’s nothing like throwing down a few blankets and picking away at some lovely goodies to make you feel relaxed and carefree. The wonderful art of lying on a blanket and staring up at the sky doesn’t get enjoyed nearly as often as it should.  Packing a quick picnic is easy. Choose a favorite cheese, some crackers, your favorite fruit and a bottle of wine and you’re all set. If the kids are going along, pack their favorite organic fruit snacks and juice boxes. 

Making the Most of Your SummerThrow A Party: Summer is the perfect time to throw an impromptu party. Gather your friends and family, a little good food, a few swell drinks and get the memory making started. Don’t fret over what to serve. Make it easy summer fare and enlist the help of your local grocery deli. Pick up some salads, deli meats and cheeses and some fresh, organic breads and rolls. Throw in some fresh summer fruits for dessert and you’ve got a wonderful summer spread. Offering a few signature drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, will add a touch of class to your gathering. For some awesome ideas on drinks, visit our Thirsty Thursday blog category and you’re sure to find the perfect beverage for your gathering. Keep your party foods nice and cold in our Inflatabuffet; the perfect helper for any summer party. 

**Making the Most of Your SummerTackle a DIY project: **Summer is a good time to tackle a few projects around the house. Be sure to choose a project that gives you a happy result, like refinishing or re-purposing an old piece of furniture. Got bored kids? Why not gather them for a craft project? Choose a lovely day and set up tables in the backyard or under some trees at the park. Make working on your craft or project an event if you can. Lasting memories will be created by not only the craft, but the togetherness and the fun location. We’ve got some pretty neat ideas for kids’ crafts in our Kids Create section of the SplashDeck blog. Looking for your own DIY project? Here’s a link that’s chocked full of ideas.

Plan your own Staycation: If you don’t find yourself being swept away to some fabulous destination this summer, it doesn’t mean you can’t “get away”.  Lots of people are opting for a staycation. What is it, exactly? It’s staying home but doing different fun things in your own hometown, or even in your own backyard. Check with your local Chamber of Making the Most of Your SummerCommerce for places to visit or events to attend in your area. If you really want a staycation that includes not leaving your home, plan some relaxing things to do that are out of the ordinary. Set up a backyard tent and sleep under the stars, construct a makeshift outdoor movie theater and watch your favorite flicks, have a backyard picnic, set up some fun backyard water games or giant outdoor games like a huge tic tac toe or Twister. The point of a staycation is to do something fun, yet relaxing. Something different from your everyday routine. If you really want to unwind make all electronic devices off-limits at least for a portion of your staycation. Cell phones, iPads, and so on should definitely have some down time. Spend time together, talking, laughing and enjoying something memorable.

**Making the Most of Your SummerPlay in the water: **Of course, at ToySplash, this is one of our favorite summer activities. If you have access to a pool, plan some family time playing water games together. No pool? No problem! Having an epic water gun war with the kids is a guaranteed memory maker. Be sure to arm everyone with an age-appropriate water shooter. Kids love nothing better than soaking dad with their awesome water gun. Who says you need kids to have a water war? Gather a few of your favorite friends and in no time you’ll all be screaming and shouting like little kids!

So, enjoy your summer. We hope you will be making the most of your summer with some of these incredible ideas. Have fun and enjoy life!!