Kids have terrific imaginations.  Sometimes all they need is a little prompting to create an imaginary world to which they’ll want to return again and again.  The water is particularly great for imaginary play because of all the fascinating real and imaginary creatures that live beneath the waves.  Dolphins and mermaids are classic favorites.  Give them some props and a couple of story line ideas and you’ll have them searching for a mermaid or dolphin treasure in no time! Kids will want to stay in the pool for hours and hours. Be sure to have lots of waterproof sunblock on hand and call for some re-application time outs.

Mermaid or Dolphin TreasureUse the Sunken Treasure Pool Dive Game as a prop in imaginary play.  The dolphins and/or mermaids have to protect their secret treasure from invaders.  Maybe one of your other children would like to lead a team of pirates trying to take back the treasure.  Or maybe all the kids will band together against an imaginary force.

Or maybe your dolphins and mermaids need to collect dive sticks and rings from all over the ocean to build an underwater fortress against some pool rafts.

Fun play doesn’t have to be structured play.  Just plant some ideas and let their imaginations swim!