Here on the Splashdeck, we spend a lot of time telling you how to keep your kids happy, healthy, and safe in the swimming pool.  Today’s post is dedicated to the moms (and dads) who run themselves ragged making sure everyone else has what they need.  Here are our top tips for taking care of yourself this summer.

MomSplash – it’s all about you!

MomSplash-A really nice raft or lounge.  You need your own private oasis to rest and relax in the warmth of summer.  Pick a special piece just for you:  it cannot be commandeered for a game of pirates; it is off limits for water wars.  We recommend something with a cup holder and a canopy so you can stay cool and comfy without burning to a crisp.  The Luxury Cabana,  Spring Float Recliner with Canopy, and the Rio Sun Adjustable Floating Chaise Lounge are some of our favorites.  Hit the pool with a book and soak up the good times!

-Easy access to a nice cool drink.  With floating coolers, you never have to be far from your favorite beverage.

MomSplash-Music.  With the PoolTunes floating iPod speaker, you can pump all your own music into the pool.

MomSplash-The chance to unwind with some exercise.  From a swim trainer pool cord to pool exercise weights, ToySplash has everything you need to bring your trip to the gym to the backyard.  Moms love the Super Soft 6-Piece Set.  For a low price you get a pool barbell, buoyancy belt, dumbbells, and ankle wraps.

So, as you plan for everyone else’s summer, don’t forget that Pool fun is family fun . . . and that means fun for mom and dad too!