National Pool Opening Day - April 28, 2018

National Pool Opening Day - April 28, 2018

National Pool Opening Day is observed on the last Saturday in April. This is the day for pool owners to prepare their swimming pools for a summer of fun, fitness, and enjoyment. Of course, not everyone opens their pool in late April. Many northern pools stay closed up for another month, but you can use National Pool Opening Day to get things started by getting your pool chemicals, supplies or equipment now. Another benefit, and one of the best, to opening the pool at the end of April, is that you have more time to get things right, just in case things go wrong.

Here are some quick tips to help you get prepared for opening your pool:

Take inventory of your Pool Chemicals

Every pool is different in what it needs for a pool opening. Check your stock of pool opening chemicals and season chemicals that you'll need. Chemicals might include:

  • Chlorine tablets and chlorine shock
  • pH increaser and decreaser
  • Alkalinity and calcium increaser
  • Cyanuric Acid or stabilizer
  • DE Powder or Aqua Perl
  • Algaecides, Clarifiers, Enzymes
  • Test kit reagents or test strips
  • Metal and mineral control or stain removers

    Inspect your Pool Equipment

    On National Pool Opening Day, take the time to closely inspect the pool, deck, equipment, tools and supplies to be sure you have everything you need to open the pool successfully.

  • Inspect pool cover for holes or winter damage
  • Install filter system drain plugs and pressure gauge
  • Test pump motor briefly for a few seconds
  • Check pool lights briefly for a few seconds
  • Lube pump lid and filter o-rings with Teflon lubricant
  • Inspect pool cleaning tools; pole, brush, nets, vacuums
  • Inspect filter, pump, heater, chlorinator for damage
  • Inspect pool cleaner for worn and torn parts
  • Inspect skimmer baskets, lids, and weirs

    Pool Safety Inspection

    Staying vigilant on pool safety can prevent tragedy. National Pool Opening Day is the perfect time to reassess the safety measures that are around the pool and to take steps to protect family and friends.

  • Inspect fence slats for gaps greater than 4 inches, or gaps below fence
  • Remove anything near the fence that could be used to climb fence
  • Check that pool fence gats are self-closing and self-latching
  • Keep pool chemicals closed, clean, dry and out of reach of children
  • Inspect pool pump wiring and other equipment pad electrical
  • Push the TEST button on your GFCI outlet and circuit breakers
  • Check that main drain and suction covers are securely attached

    Whether it's to exercise, socialize, or to relax, have a safe and enjoyable summer in your pool with friends and family.

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