Olympic Games Day 2

Olympic Games Day 2

For Olympic Games Day 2, pick a water-filled version of one of your favorite outdoor games:


Volleyball is a classic event that is great for groups. Divide the group into teams and watch them play.  If the crowd is a little young for a full game of volleyball, teach them some basic moves and set them free to hit and bump the ball to one another.  Consider dividing younger players into teams (or allow them to compete individually) and time how long they can hit the ball without dropping it in the water.

Olympic Games day 2There are a variety of options for setting up a pool volleyball game.  If your family loves volleyball (or if you want them to love swimming pool volleyball), consider investing in an inground structure.  If volleyball is a new game to your family, consider starting out with an inexpensive inflatable set.  ToySplash has a variety of volleyball options from which you can choose.  From the inflatable set for around $10 to the deluxe Anaconda Pool Volleyball System (a great, quick setup, durable piece that will last a lifetime), ToySplash has you covered. So, get your Olympic Games Day 2 up and running with a great volleyball set from Toysplash.

Bump. Set. ToySplash!