Olympic Games Day 4

Olympic Games Day 4

Speed is the name of the game for backyard Olympic Games Day 4.  This time, it’s all about paddling.  Pull out the rafts and floats and get ready to race for the gold!

Olympic Games Day 4Blow up the inflatable rafts, boats, and floats to stock your fleet!  Using either a pool noodle or their hands, have the kids paddle across the pool.  Conduct a series of races for a full day of backyard boating fun!

Individual timed races:  time each contestant as he or she completes laps in the pool.

Individual bumper boat races: rather than timed independent races, race two boats at the same time.  This will combine bumping and jostling with speed.  Be careful not to let things get out of hand!

Team and duo races:  have two or more players on each boat at the same time.  First, try timed individual team races.  Then move on to bumper boat races!

It will be a full day of boating fun in the Backyard Olympics!