Olympic Games Day 6

Olympic Games Day 6

On Olympic Games Day 6, bring out a water version of an Olympic favorite:  the gymnastic floor exercises!

The great thing about the swimming pool is that you can do a lot of things that you can’t do easily on the dry land.  Do your children watch with rapt attention as the Olympic gymnasts seem to fly through the air?  Maybe you’ve taken them to the circus and they’re amazed by the acrobats.

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Olympic Games Day 6With plenty of adult supervision and guidance, help them practice handstands, twists, and “flips” in the pool.  When we say flips, we don’t mean off the diving board.  It’s more fun to defy gravity by doing somersaults while suspended in the water.

Be careful to supervise and don’t let the kids move too quickly as they do gymnastic moves–you don’t want anyone bumping their heads on the cement!