Pirate PARRRty

Pirate PARRRty

Ahoy there, mateys!  For adventures on the high seas, look no further than ToySplash’s great pirate-themed pool toys and floats! You are guaranteed not to have to walk the plank when you throw this awesome Pirate parrrty!

get this pirate parrrty started or walk the plank!

pirate parrrty

Start out by prepping your fleet.  The captain of your pirates will want to command from the deck of our Pirate Pool Float Water Blaster.  Featuring a built-in water gun, pirate flag, and cushy seat, your pirate will be able to rule the water in style.  Fill the rest of the pool with other floats and rafts.  For extra pirate fun, pick two colors or themes and create bands of competing pirates for games!

pirate parrrtyNo pool? Not a problem. We’ve got all your pirate needs covered. Our Pirate Ship Play Center is a ship and a pool all in one! Fill it with water or float it on the pool or lake. It’s a versatile ship with plenty of room for all your little pirates.

pirate parrrtyYour pirates will need a cool place to land (and to stash their treasure).  Consider the inflatable floating Tropical Oasis Island.  With palm trees for shade and a swim-through center, this provides a great base for games of Marco Polo or just a place for a quick rest.

pirate parrrtyPirates need a mission, of course.  The sunken treasure dive game will give your little pirates some extra structured fun during the party.  Add some swimming sharks to the water for extra danger and excitement. And before birthday cake or presents, don’t forget to make the guest of honor walk the plank (the diving board!)

Well, shivver me timbers….this will be one unforgettable party!!