Planning for Easter

Planning for Easter

image descriptionHippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way! If you’re anything like me, you’ve just realized Easter is on April 5th this year. That’s just about 1 week away! Hopefully this hasn’t nudged you into a mad dash to the store for supplies… Yet. Relax! All you really need is a little creativity, and quick planning.

My family is BIG on Easter dinner — Which is actually served around lunch time. However, it’s still a big deal, and everyone gathers to enjoy Easter dinner together. It’s my turn to host dinner, and I’m planning it a little different this year. I want it to be mEaster bunnore laid back, and fun. So, I’ve planned our dinner to be buffet style vs. the traditional family dining. My menu includes our traditional Easter foods; ham, turkey, potatoes, dinner rolls, green beans, glazed carrots, salad, and desserts. However, they will be set up on a long table, and each person can just walk along and pick what they’d like to eat. I feel this will allow  more opportunity for people to converse, and will help eliminate any stuffiness! My niece and nephew are in town, and will be joining us to celebrate Easter. So, I’ll definitely need to make sure we have fun activities ready.

This year I’ve decided to do something extra special. I’m going to host my first Easter egg hunt! I think the kids will love this, and the adults will have a blast watching them as they hunt for the hidden prizes!

[![cards](]( great toys from ToySplash in your Easter basket is an easy win!
There’s only one other thing I can think of, that we would need for Easter… Easter baskets! Since I’m planning an Easter egg hunt, I’ve decided to make simple Easter baskets for each of the kids. This way, they will all get a special surprise from the Easter Bunny. Plus, they’ll be able to use their basket to gather their treasures in during the egg hunt. Using lists will make shopping for these events less time consuming, and a lot less confusing! I’ll make a grocery list for dinner, and a separate list of items for the Easter egg hunt. I’ve also made an additional list for my quick & easy Easter baskets. I’m planning to go shopping on the 3rd. Hopefully, the stores won’t be as crowded, and I’ll be able to avoid last minute shoppers.

What are your Easter plans? Are you a last minute planner too?