Playground in the Pool

Playground in the Pool

It’s too hot to play outside, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t move their favorite playground games into the pool.  ToySplash has a great variety of playground classics adapted just for the water!

Creating a Playground in the Pool

Playground in the PoolTetherball is one of the funnest games on the playground.  But in the summer, the cement radiates heat and the metal pole is scalding.  Totem Tennis works like traditional tetherball, but instead of hitting the ball with your hand, you use a paddle.  The pole floats on the water!

How about a pogo stick?  With the Pool Sub Jumpa, you can bounce through the water without breaking a sweat!

Playground in the poolIf your skateboarder is too hot to hit the pavement, try the Swimways Sub Skate Pool Skateboard.  Kids can use their skateboarding skills in the pool where it is nice and cool!  Do the little ones want to get in on the skateboarding action? Try our  Disney and Marvel Design Sub Skate to get them in on the underwater action, too!

Playground in the poolIt’s sort of a cruel joke:  the kids finally have free time to play outside and the temperature on the slide rises to unbearable levels. The easy solution is a pool slide.  The Swimline Tube Waterpark Slide will let them slide into the cool water!

So, no need to sit inside this summer. Bring the playground to the pool!