It seems like the chilly sections of the US are starting to thaw so thoughts can finally turn towards the possibility of summer! Most schools are in session until the end of May or beginning of June which is really just weeks away. Now is the time to think about re-opening your pool and re-stocking the pool toys. Even you four-legged furry friends are anxious to get in the pool. In fact, many of them brave the chilly waters much sooner than the rest of us. Did you know there are some pretty cool things to make pooches in the pool have way more fun?

Pooches in the PoolSome pups aren’t quite brave enough to just jump right in the water so our Swimways Spring Float Paddle Paws is the perfect float to get Fido in the pool. This spring float is made from durable canvas so your dog’s nails won’t damage the fabric. The outer edges are inflatable so your furry friend is supported and feels secure floating around on the water. My Jack Russell mix has this pool float and he loves it! We simply prop it on the edge of the pool and as he steps on to it he launches himself into the water. He loves just chilling in the cool water on a hot summer’s day! Whether your dog is just a little squirt or you’ve got a whopper of a pooch, we have the perfect pool float for your pet.

Pooches in the PoolMaybe you have a little swimmer just ready for action and you just would like a little peace of mind when your dog ventures out on the water. Our Dog Swim Vest is just the ticket! This durable life vest is fashioned just for pooches. Whether you’ve got a tiny teacup chihuahua or a giant German Shepherd, we’ve got a life vest that will fit. This is great for the pool, at the lake, on the boat, or wherever else your dog wants to swim right along with you. We know most dogs know how to swim but for many just knowing your dog has that extra protection of a life vest makes it possible for you to have more fun around the water.

Pooches in the PoolThe Skamper Dog Pool Ramp is an awesome accessory for dogs who need a little extra help getting in and out of the pool. This ramp is easy to attach to the side of your pool and creates an easy swim-up platform that your pup uses for getting out of the pool. This ramp gives Spot a running start when getting in the water. The Skamper is perfect for piers, boat docks and boats, too!

Pooches in the PoolWater playtime is sometimes the ultimate in fun for your dog. If you’ve got a dog who loves to retrieve, our tough Dogobie Flying Disk is the perfect toy for man’s best friend. This tough disk can withstand your dog’s chompers but is still gentle enough for even the littlest water retriever. Of course, this disk works perfectly in water or on dry land. It may well become your dog’s favorite toy!

Pooches in the Pool

Water + dogs = FUN! Whether your dog wants a relaxing float in the pool or a wild game of fetch, ToySplash has exactly what your dog needs for awesome water time!