Do you know someone who lives for science fiction?  Maybe your son or daughter watches Star Wars every day.  Is your husband a closet trekkie?  How about a pool invasion  party?!?!

Planning your Pool Invasion party –

ToySplash has so many ways to set the stage for party-goers to battle aliens well into the night.  First, stock your floating iPod speaker with appropriate music.  Think the theme songs from Star Wars or the X Files.  There’s nothing like music to set the mood.  And with the PoolTunes floating iPod speaker, your guests will wonder about your super powers!

pool invasion partyLighting is also key.  The Go Everywhere Light Show will give your pool a cosmic feel.  For extra interest, add floating glitter globes and floating solar rainbow lights.  After all, every great trip to outer space involves some awesome views of the stars.

pool invasion partyFinally, equip your guests to defend the galaxy!  The UFO pool squirter is a classic.  For around $20, your space commander can fight an alien invasion all day and all night long!  An inflatable pool dive rocket will help them blast off to fun.  But our favorite, and the ultimate in outer-space water fun has to be the Starfighter Inflatable Squirter.  To call this a pool float is an understatement.  With a sun roof and cool graphics, you can save the galaxy in style!

pool invasion partyWhen your guests take a break from fighting the aliens, entertain them with our outerspace-themed pool toys.  The Alien Eyeball Toss is a sure hit.  And everyone loves to play with the Underwater Flying Saucer.

Have a great time and may the Splash be with you!